Over the last 20 years, the presence and growth of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and its airline hub has resulted in CLT becoming not only one of the busiest airports in the U.S., but in the entire world. With a forward-thinking philosophy, and a focus on constant growth, CLT sees itself as an Airport of the future. Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the nation’s 10 busiest airports. Our growth has been remarkable, over the last 10 years especially, increasing from 28 million total passengers in 2005, to 44.9 million total passengers in 2015.



This continued and sustained growth means CLT is at or near capacity. The recently completed airfield capacity enhancement study and terminal capacity enhancement study looked at possible and potential passenger growth forecasts and together form the Airport’s master plan. This plan defines the future and long term airfield and terminal development and helps craft CLT’s construction and development through 2035.

The future master ensures the facilities and airfield will meet future growth and construction. The plan continues to reflect Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s mission. Development and construction will be demand driven.

We will build what we need, when it is needed. We will remain cost competitive and financially sustainable – no general tax dollars will be used. The Aviation Department will work closely with our airline partners and others to develop this plan. We will quantify benefits and costs of additional development and define the phases of development.

New Projects underway include:

  • Elevated Roadway
  • Concourse A Expansion – Phase 1
  • East Terminal Expansion- Phase 2
  • Terminal Renovations- Concourse A, D, B, C
    and the Atrium.


Charlotte Douglas International Airport officials are also planning the next phase of an economic development plan that has been more than 15 years in the making. In the interest of ensuring compatible development in the Airport environment, the Aviation Department has been assembling the key components necessary to create an economically viable development area that should provide a significant boost to the local economy and change the landscape of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. This significant undertaking will take years to develop, but will produce big results once completed.

The global initiative has the potential to attract businesses such as manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, trucking, distribution, research, development and data to the available 6,000 acres of land that surrounds the Airport. This land borders CLT and contains a number of major highways and the Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility.

Another key component to future development is the expansion of the Federal Trade Zone (FTZ) to include Airport property. This will adjust existing FTZ boundaries to incorporate the new intermodal facility and adjacent areas, creating a tax relief business zone.



CLT’s Vision:
We will serve as an economic engine of the Carolinas, facilitating the movement of people and goods, creating jobs and enterprise and sustaining a higher quality of life.

CLT’s Mission:
We will be the preferred airport and airline hub by providing the highest quality product for the lowest possible cost.