SMART AIRPORTS AND REGIONS: when we attended this event for the very first time in Edmonton, Canada in July 2018, we decided to propose Vienna as a venue for a future event. Why were we so excited?

Vienna is considered to be one of the smartest cities, and also features the highest quality of life in the world. AirportCity Vienna, “a cat’s jump from the inner city” as we like to say, is an extremely dense cluster of functions bundled together. Vienna Airport owns and operates the majority of buildings, streets and other urban facilities. In turn, this enables AirportCity Vienna to serve as a huge testing environment for innovative technologies and business ideas. We can jointly develop solutions to the major challenges the future will bring, ranging from shopping trends, mobility changes, education and new workplace concepts to the issue of climate change issue and the impact all this has on airports.

In particular, the global aviation industry is being shaped at the present time by COVID-19. The impacts of this global pandemic have, for the most part, crippled flight traffic around the world. Passenger volumes at many airports have approached zero, and aircraft have remained on the ground for months. However, aviation is making a comeback, and airport sites and airport cities will grow once again. There continues to be extensive interest on the part of companies to locate in the Airport City Vienna.

Moreover, 250 companies with over 25,000 employees in different industries are located within our defined ecosystem. This gives us the opportunity to implement services and collaboration platforms encompassing international partners that generate added value for everyone involved. So yes: we consider AirportCity Vienna to be a Smart Airport in a Smart Region!

Against this backdrop, we are very happy and proud to host the SMART AIRPORTS AND REGIONS EUROPE conference in September 2020! We will welcome you in our brand-new meeting and conference facilities in the heart of AirportCity Vienna, within walking distance to the terminal and hotels. September in Austria is really beautiful, and we are confident that you will all have a great time with us!

Julian Jäger
Member of the board, Chief Operating Officer

Günther Ofner
Member of the board, Chief Financial Officer

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