Chairman’s Welcome

SMART Airports April 22nd Virtual Event
Non-Aeronautical Revenues – Reviving Consumer and Business Confidence

Welcome to the Smart Airports April 22nd Virtual Event to explore “Non-Aeronautical Revenues and Reviving Consumer and Business Confidence”.  This event is a continuation of our online series leading-up to the forthcoming SMART Airports & Regions Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, in August 2021.

With the challenges posed by Covid-19, Non-Aeronautical Revenue Diversification has become more important than ever before.  In response, Airports and their partners have adapted operations by embracing new approaches for recovering revenues, keeping people employed and sustaining Airport businesses.  Service delivery models are pivoting to embrace innovations in technology that not only keep us safe but enhance efficiencies and the Passenger experience.  Our Panelists will address these various challenges and opportunities, providing a forum for idea sharing.  We hope you can join us at this exciting event!


Chris LeTourneur
SMART Airports April 22nd Virtual Event Chairman
President & CEO
MXD Development Strategists