The SMART Airports & Regions Conference & Exhibition is the premier event covering how SMART airports and their adjacent regions are leveraging “connectivity” to stimulate “innovation and opportunity”.

The annual SMART Airports & Regions Conference and Exhibition will explore the catalytic effect and critical success factors covering the economic development ecosystem of SMART airports and the regions they serve, integrate and connect with.

At the core of SMART regions is strong transportation infrastructure, seamlessly connected and coordinated. The key infrastructure pillars comprise of transportation, power, integrated utilities, urban development, resource management and IT based connectivity.

The SMART Airports & Regions Conference & Exhibition focuses on SMART strategies, opportunities and innovations that development, design, technology and the internet is bringing to environments, communities and cities.

With extensive analysis of the SMART airport and city/regional landscape, and in-depth focus on the drivers, hurdles and opportunities for different stakeholders within this ecosystem, the SMART Airports & Regions Conference & Exhibition leads the way with its innovative, interactive agenda.

  • The most comprehensive community of SMART airports and the regions they serve, intergrade and connect with, focusing on the opportunities and innovations that technology is bringing to environments, communities and cities
  • Up to 500 senior level attendees and decision makers
  • Opportunity to learn from visionary speakers and thinkers on the landscape of: next airports, covering innovative strategies in airport design, construction & development, commercial development, real estate and non aeronautical revenue, SMART airport technology, innovation, passenger experience, customer service and beyond. Extensive and intimate opportunities to network with this progressive and innovative audience across three days.


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Aviation Media

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