Aalto, Marja

Director Air Transportation Development Business Tampere

Ayers, Mark

Sales Director, DroneShield

Boersma, Klass

Advisor Airport Strategy and Development, Schiphol Airport

Boyd, Andrew

Partner, Result

Brindley, Charles

Managing Director, Active Thinking

Brozek, Sascha

Senior Vice President, KONE

Butters, Matthew

Director, Pascall+Watson

Carlson, Julian

Director, Pascall+Watson

Chada, Samir

Director, Business Development, ProDIGIQ

Ciceo, David

Chief Executive Officer, Cluj International Airport

Colmant, Sebastien

Development Manager, IATA

Criado, Carlos

Director for Business Development, Quiport SA

Dancho, Vince

Senior Vice President, Winnipeg Airport

de Leeuw, Peter

Head of Landside and Real Estate Development, Vienna International Airport

Dr Paraschis, Yiannis N

Chief Executive Officer, Athens International Airport

Felkel, Rolf

Vice President IT Applications, Fraport AG

Fullerton, Bill

Chief Technical Officer, Fraport Greece

García-Alonso, Arturo

Co-Owner and Managing Director, Airport Intelligence

Garvens, Michael

Chairman, German Unmanned Aviation Association

Garvens, Michael

Chairman, German Unmanned Aviation Association

Haas, Tine

Tine Haas, Principal, Business Line Aviation, Dornier Consulting

Healy, Michael

Director, Customer Solutions, Vanderlande

Hirsh, Max

Research Professor, University of Hong Kong

Jentsch, Harald

Head of Airports & Baggage Screening & Head of Air Cargo Screening, Smiths Detection

Jung, Kim

Chief Technical Officer, LocLab Consulting GmbH

Keefe, Jon

Chief Executive Officer, AeroParker

Kennedy, Campbell

Chief Executive Officer, LocusLabs

Kraft, Holger

Vice President Policies and Concepts, Corporate Security Department, Munich Airport

Kriegbaum, Philipp

Former Senior Security Expert with Fraport AG

Lajdová, Sabina

Aviation Security Specialist – team leader, Prague Airport

Landes, Stefan

Managing Director, Terminal 2 Company / Munich Airport

Lefevre, Gee

Manager, Teneo

LeTourneur, Chris

President & Chief Executive Officer, MXD Development Strategists

McCarthy, John

Cyber Security Consultant and Trainer

Nesvold, Erik Fercho

Electrical Operation Manager, Stavanger Airport

Osbaugh, Ty

Principal & Global Aviation Practice Area Leader, Gensler

Owen, Ellis

Senior Representative, World Biogas Association

Owens, Neal

Senior Business development and Program Representative, Battelle

Psycharis, Nektarios

Team Leader IT&T Business Analysis & Project Management, IT&T Business Transformation &am Support Services Department, Athens International Airport S.A.

Sehic, Mirel

Global Director Cybersecurity, Honeywell Business Solutions

Senis, Michalis

IT Senior Expert, Munich Airport

Stiffel, Sebastian

Executive Assistant to the SVP IT, Munich Airport

Szabó, István

Chief Security Officer, Budapest Airport

van der Horst, Pieter

Managing Director, AIREA Airportcity Development and Airport City expert

Varadarajan, Murali

Senior Vice President Operations, Mumbai International Airport Limited

Wittlieb, Sarah

Vice President Innovation & Creation, LabCampus / Munich Airport

Woldbye, Thomas

Chief Executive Officer, Copenhagen Airports

Zinell, Alexander

Chief Executive Officer, Fraport Greece