Carbon Neutral Event


We are pleased to announce that we achieved carbon neutrality on SMART Airports & Regions 2023 that took place in July 2023 in Edmonton! The event generated 528.5 tCO2e through all its activities and in turn 529 tCO2e were purchased in carbon offsets on behalf of the event (which is equivalent to emissions coming from driving 118 cars on the road for an entire year) – please SEE ATTACHED for further information.


We are pleased to announce that SMART Airports & Regions 2024 will also be a carbon-neutral event. When planning our event, we will be making conscious choices to keep our emissions low and working alongside both Denver International Airport & VISIT DENVER to measure our event’s total greenhouse gas emissions. We will offset the emissions from the event, such as heating, cooling and food served, and from all the participants’ travel and hotel stays. We will contribute to projects that prevent the equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere. We are proud to be taking action against climate change.

Denver International Airport strategically considers the long-term economic, social, and environmental impacts of all airport activities. They want to maximize long-term benefits and ensure that their success strengthens their community stakeholders. DEN is making every effort to make the planet better for the next generation.

Sustainability at the airport covers three main areas: community, environment, and financial and operational excellence. Click below to find out more about DEN’s sustainability program affects these areas –

VISIT DENVER is dedicated to sustainability, both as a resource for event planners and in their own offices. To demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, VISIT DENVER has achieved the following certifications and awards:

For more information CLICK HERE

The Colorado Convention Center is committed to the core values of: Mindfulness, Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability. It strives to be the leader in sustainability by creating programs that are accessible, inclusive and encourage the participation of all stakeholders. Its goal is to erase the line between a “regular event” and a “green event” by making all events held at the Convention Center sustainable. It also explores new processes and policies, keeping the ones that work for its operation and modifying the ones that don’t.

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In the lead-up to the event, we will be working with Colrado Convention Center to make our event more sustainable by:

  • Selecting from their plant-based menus and sharing the environmental impact of this decision with our attendees
  • Sharing the knowledge with our attendees
  • Reusing, when possible, by donating leftover materials at the end of the event by coordinating with local non-profit organizations
  • Cutting plastics by producing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic signage and using single-use plastics for bulk or refillable substitutes.