Carbon Neutral Event


Aviation Media are committed to achieving a carbon neutral event status for SMART Airports & Regions 2023.

We are already working with Explore Edmonton and Ostrom Climate Solutions, Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider, to understand and offset our greenhouse gas emissions and to find ways to make a difference (see below how this involves you).

In the lead up to the event, we will also be working with Edmonton Convention Centre to make our event more sustainable by:

  • Selecting from their plant-based menus and sharing the environmental impact of this decision with our attendees
  • Sharing the knowledge with our attendees
  • Reusing, when possible, by donating leftover materials at the end of the event by coordinating with local non-profit organizations as well as the Edmonton Food Bank to donate excess meals
  • Cutting plastics by producing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic signage and using single-use plastics for bulk or refillable substitutes.

We are also planning to make the event paperless by continuing with our digital marketing & using an event App which details all information on the event digitally.

See below how Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton & Edmonton Convention Centre are all committed to providing a sustainable environment to live & work in.


Edmonton International Airport is the primary air passenger and air cargo facility in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region of the Canadian province of Alberta.

Living by our values

Our leadership in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) means at YEG we live by our values. Everything we do is guided by our commitment to create meaningful partnerships that protect our airport, manage our environment, grow our region and connect our community to the world.

This includes supporting economic opportunities, creating jobs, focusing on innovation as well as creating awareness and driving action on environmental, social and governance initiatives that add value to our airport and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

YEG is committed to ESG leadership

Everything we do is guided by our values and commitment making a positive difference for our employees, passengers, partners and the community,



Edmonton is a vibrant urban centre in the heart of the wilderness, the largest northernmost metropolis, and the capital of Alberta, Canada.

Our mission at Explore Edmonton is to make sustainability a part of every event planning conversation. Every action around sustainability, big or small, is a step in the right direction and helps our dedicated Sustainability team push the envelope on what is possible and build a stronger foundation for the future of sustainable events. Regenerative events are top of mind for business event planners as organizations recognize the need to meet sustainably and leave host destinations better than they were found.

We know that events have an environmental impact, and while Explore Edmonton’s Sustainability team can offer sustainable solutions, some emissions are unavoidable. That’s where our Carbon Neutral Events program comes in – we can help you minimize unnecessary emissions and offset those that are simply a result of gathering for a business event.

Explore Edmonton has partnered with Ostrom Climate, one of the largest and most experienced full-service carbon management teams in North America, to help event organizers measure and offset their event’s carbon footprint through their Carbon Neutral Events program. Their dedicated Sustainability team will provide consulting and guidance to help event organizers both reduce carbon emissions at the event and offset unavoidable emissions.

For more information visit –



Edmonton Convention Centre has been focused on sustainability for more than a decade. It was recently awarded an Emerald Award in the large business category. The award showcases an organization engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities that has demonstrated a meaningful commitment to an environmentally sustainable future. The centre is also among the first convention and exhibition venues in Canada to achieve the GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC). GBAC STAR is an industry accreditation focused on ensuring a clean, safe and healthy environment in public and commercial facilities of all sizes.

What we’re doing:

  • Terraced indoor vegetation and running water adds to the living, breathing atmosphere of our atrium. Approximately 1,900 KG of CO2 is absorbed by the plants in the building each year.
  • In 2020, we began producing our own renewable energy. Our atrium roof was completed with the largest building-integrated solar cell installation in the country.
  • 60% of our food suppliers are local producers and growers. Our organic waste is processed into compost that is used again in Alberta farming.
  • Our waste management program is one of the most prominent elements of our sustainability program. This year, we’re on track to divert 75% of waste from landfill.
  • Our building is complete with a rooftop apiary, vegetable gardens and an indigenous medicine wheel garden. These gardens and permaculture help to absorb heat, offset the urban heat island effect and reduce carbon emissions through cooling.
  • We are a certified Climate Smart business with a robust plan to reduce our building’s greenhouse gas emissions.



When you register for SMART Airports & Regions 2023, we ask for flight and transportation information from you so that we may offset these emission-producing activities related to the event. Please help us to achieve a carbon neutral status for the event by providing this information – thank you.