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‘SMART Airports turns the spotlight turns the spotlight on baggage handling projects at Keflavík, Moscow Sheremetyevo and Bahrain airports.

Northern flights

Rapid traffic growth at Keflavík International Airport meant that a new baggage handling system was a priority to help the Icelandic gateway keep up with demand, and it once again chose Danish supplier Crisplant to deliver it.

Keflavík’s deputy terminal director, Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson, says: “We have had a very good relationship with Crisplant over the years, are familiar with its system and knew that it was highly reliable – which as a hub was absolutely key for us.

“Then of course it had to be capable of the required throughput in the available space, be easily integrated with security screening and have excellent track and trace.

“Most importantly, there is the SCADA system that Crisplant provides, which gives the status of the BHS in real time, with alerts about any problems and how to solve them, plus a really good reporting tool that can give us a lot of essential information about the system.”

The system the airport decided on was the energy efficient LS-4000E tilt-tray sorter to replace the technology Crisplant installed during the airport’s 2007 renovations.

“We’ve also been focusing on check-in, so we’ve installed a lot of self-check-in kiosks and last year we opened a self-bag drop, all integrated into the Crisplant SCADA system. We plan on adding more of those this summer and during the coming years,” enthuses Rúnarsson.

Another component of a future upgrade that Rúnarsson is considering is an early bag storage facility. “It’s something we would like,” he says. “There is a definite need. To be able to store bags for 24 hours at the airport would make it possible for airlines to tell their passengers that they don’t need to pick up their bags if they are simply staying for one day. That would be a huge incentive for passenger to stop over.”

The upturn in traffic at Keflavík has been driven by Icelandair’s decision to focus more on transatlantic services and positioning Keflavík as a hub or stop-over destination and, as a result, passenger numbers have soared from a post global financial crisis low of 1.7mpppa to 4.9 million last year.

And with an estimated 6.6 million set to use the airport in 2016 as transfer passengers now accounts for 43% of its annual traffic – rising from 27% in 2009 – the future certain looks bright for Iceland’s gateway to the world.

From Russia with love

BEUMER Group has been awarded a contract for the design, fabrication, delivery, assembly, commissioning and implementation of a new automated baggage transportation system at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.

The new system will be installed in the Inter-terminal passage between the North and South terminal complexes.

The development of 40mppa capacity North Terminal Complex is one of the key projects of its master plan up for the period between now and 2030.

Almost two kilometres of new underground tunnels will connect the southern and northern airport areas and the labyrinth of passageways will be equipped with a BEUMER autover independent baggage carrier system.

“The development project for the North Terminal Complex at Sheremetyevo Airport represents a large-scale and unique project for Russian civil aviation,” explains Evgeny Tumel, deputy general director, chief engineer of Sheremetyevo Airport.

“The underground terminal-to-terminal tunnels under active runways will be the first of their kind in Russia. It will help establish Sheremetyevo as a major hub and will raise Moscow’s transit, tourist and business potential.”

The baggage handling system will integrate a 4.8km BEUMER autover system and include 187 autoca intelligent destination coded vehicles (DCVs).

According to BEUMER, it will be capable of accommodating up to 900 bags per hour in each direction and will be virtually maintenance free. Installation of the new baggage handling system is scheduled to start in February 2017.

Big deal in Bahrain 

Vanderlande has been commissioned to supply a state-of-the-art baggage handling system for Bahrain International Airport (BIA).

The agreement is for the design, manufacture and installation of a system capable of processing 4,700 bags per hour as part of Bahrian’s Airport Modernisation Program (AMP).

According to the gateway, the project is expected to revitalise much of the potential in Bahrain and the northern Gulf region’s aviation industry.

The system will feature an early bag store with capacity for at least 600 items of luggage and eight reclaim belts.

BAC CEO, Mohamed Yousif Al-Binfalah, said: “We look forward to working hand in hand with Vanderlande to deliver a state of the art system which should fulfill our vision to create an exceptional passenger experience.”

The planned upgrade of the airport includes a new terminal that will raise the gateway’s capacity to 14mppa.

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